My Verdict: Run Fast. Eat Slow.

May 4, 2018

Here’s my verdict on Run Fast. Eat Slow. : Nourishing Recipes for Athletes.

To Read: Yes, if you are an athlete or want some inspiration, but it’s not a particularly interesting read for non-runners. It is interesting to read about the real-life of an Olympic athlete, and one of the authors, Shalene Flanagan, is an Olympic medalist. But there is not a lot of depth to what they cover, just a few interesting stories about the authors’ friendship and their athletic feats.

To Look At: There is not much to look at. Some of the recipes have photos, which are pretty standard. Again, if you want to be inspired to work out and eat healthy, these photos definitely serve that purpose.

To Cook From: Yes, there are so many recipes here that I want to try. As I wrote earlier in the week, the recipe for Parmesan and Herb-Crusted Cod worked great. I really like that the recipes seem pretty simple, without too many ingredients that you would have to make a special trip to the health food section to get. Since I have already bought this book, I will definitely get the chance to try out more of the recipes, and I will share my results.

Let me know if you’ve tried out any recipes from this cookbook or if you have another “recipes for athletes” cookbook that you enjoy!

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