My Verdict: Mad Hungry

August 10, 2018

Here’s my verdict for Mad Hungry: Feeding Men & Boys by Lucinda Scala Quinn.

To Read: Yes. There are definitely some helpful hints for feeding always hungry boys, which is something I struggle with. She also tells some nice stories about cooking with her sons. What she doesn’t talk about a lot in the book is how to feed men and boys on a budget, and I think many of us struggle with feeding our kids lots of healthy food without breaking the bank. I do have one suggestion for that–lots of eggs!

To Look At: Not particularly. The photography in the book is just OK, and there aren’t photos for every recipe. Also, black and white photos in a cookbook are not my favorite!

To Cook From: Yes. Lucinda Scala Quinn was a contributor to the magazine Everyday Food and host of the PBS show of the same name. That was a great magazine, full of quick, family-friendly recipes. This cookbook has similar recipes. In addition to the Italian Pressed Sandwiches, I have made Stir-Fried Chinese Chicken & Peanuts and Busy-Day Chocolate Cake.

Overall, I would say this cookbook has some good basic recipes, but it’s not essential. I like the concept of the book, because it can be really hard to keep growing children (boys or girls) fed without going crazy and broke. But you can find way more on the Internet about feeding families on a budget. I  do think if you have sons you will relate to her stories, and you will definitely pick up a few tips and tricks.

So let me know, what are your tips for feeding a mad hungry family?

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