Tuesday Links

August 28, 2018

Image @Epicurious.com

The Best Baking Pans Are Ceramic Coated: Looks like it’s time to invest in some new baking pans.

All the Types of Onions, and What They’re Best For: I admit I usually just use whatever onions I have on hand, but this it’s good to know what I should be using.

Recipe: The Easiest Peach-Raspberry Pie With Press-In Crust: I never make pie because I don’t have the patience for the crust. The crust in this recipe is more my speed, and this was a big hit with some recent dinner guests.

How to Throw a Three-Course Dinner Party: Speaking of dinner parties, there some really good tips in this article.

30 Mind Blowing Ways to Eat Cookie Dough: You are either going to think these recipes are disgusting, or, if you are like my son, you will start drooling.


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