The Stocked Kitchen: One Grocery List . . . Endless Recipes
Cookbook Overviews / September 11, 2018

I forgot I even had The Stocked Kitchen, but my husband dragged it out of a box of books that were in the basement. I know that doesn’t sound promising, but I really did use this cookbook for quite a while. I thought it would be fun to revisit some of the recipes. The concept of this cookbook is that with one standard list of ingredients you can make every recipe in this book and be prepared to make meals for your family, guests, whatever comes up. No more menu planning and creating new grocery lists every week. You just keep your kitchen stocked with the foods on this list, and you are always ready to make dinner, breakfast, or even dessert. Spoiler alert, I did try out this method a few years a go, and it does work. As you may have noticed, I do love to cook new things. Eventually I was ready to move on, so this book ended up in storage. Instead of throwing it away, I decided to dust it off and share the concept and some of the recipes with you. See you tomorrow with a Stocked Kitchen recipe!

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