Bonus Recipe: Bacon-Wrapped Smokies
Recipes / November 2, 2018

My youngest son insisted I make this recipe from Damn Delicious. Bacon-Wrapped Smokies 1 package beef cocktail sausages, drained and rinsed 8 slices bacon, cut crosswise into quarters 1/2 cup light brown sugar Black pepper 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley leaves, for garnish, optional Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper/silicone baking mat; set aside. Wrap each sausage in a piece of bacon and dredge in the brown sugar; pressing to coat. Carefully place the wrapped sausages, seam sides down, on the prepared baking sheet. Bake until the brown sugar has caramelized and the bacon is crisp, 25 to 30 minutes. Serve immediately, seasoned with pepper and garnished with the parsley, if desired. My notes:┬áLove this super easy recipe that’s great to take to parties. My son even got in on the fun and helped me put these together. He also came up with the idea of just dredging the bacon in the sugar and then wrapping the sausages. (And he didn’t even eat too many sausages while we were working!) Adapted from Damn Delicious by Chungah Rhee.

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