My Favorite Cookbooks This Year
Favorite Things / November 29, 2018

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Mine went well, and we are just finishing up the yummy leftovers, the best part of Thanksgiving! I thought now would be a good time to round up my favorites of all the cookbooks I reviewed this year. There are so many intriguing recipes in this book. The green bean recipe I tried is one I have repeated. After the holidays when I want to get back to healthyish eating, this is a cookbook I will turn to. I loved all three recipes I made from this book, and there were so many more I wanted to try. With gorgeous photos and useful baking tips, this is a book worth owning.   Perelman’s writing is so engaging and the photos are super helpful. It’s one of those cookbooks where I wanted to make everything!   This book is a funny pick for me because I am definitely not a runner. But I have to say, the recipes I have tried from this book are tasty and healthy without being full of weird and expensive ingredients.   Last but not least, this book was the first book I reviewed for the blog. It also…

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