Weekend Reading and Recipes
Favorite Things / January 12, 2019

I hope everyone had a good week, and you are all getting into the swing of the New Year! The twelve days of Christmas are almost over, so I guess I’ll try to get all of the decorations put up this weekend. Wish me luck! Here is are some links to help us both procrastinate over the weekend! The Anxious Person’s Guide to Making Grocery Shopping Therapeutic: I don’t know if grocery shopping makes me anxious, but I can’t say I enjoy it. Will have to try some of these ideas. Master the Italian Hero and Be the Hero of Every Party: If I make these sandwiches, I am sure my boys would think I was a hero! The E. coli outbreak from romaine lettuce is finally over: Yay! I’ll probably still wait a week or two though, just to be safe. Mini BBQ Cheddar Meatloaves from Iowa Girl Eats: This is one of my family’s favorites. Be sure and roast the broccoli as she suggests. Also, add some mashed potatoes (store bought is fine!), and you have the perfect Sunday night meal. Oh, and I usually use ground turkey instead of ground beef. The Internet Famous Slow Cooker Hack…

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