Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F***

February 26, 2019

OK, this is an interesting cookbook! I am always looking for good “healthy” cookbooks. I have problems with this category, because my idea of healthy is pretty broad. I just eat a lot of different things, including fruits and veggies, and I make most of what I eat, so not a ton of processed or restaurant food. But I do eat all the “bad” things, like meat, carbs, dairy, sugar, etc.

Thug Kitchen, like the Whole Foods cookbook I reviewed recently, is vegan, but it’s completely different in attitude. It’s totally irreverent and fun, and it was much easier for me to get excited about the recipes in this book.

So, let’s get at it!

To Read: Yes, but only if you don’t mind a lot of cussing. There are bad words in every part of this book, so some of you might find this off putting. I live with two teenage boys and hear a lot of rap music, so I’m sort of past being scandalized by bad language. 🙂

To Look At: Sure, there are some photographs of recipes and then some random photos that I guess are supposed to add to the L.A. vibe of the cookbook. But it does not fall into my category of gorgeous cookbooks.

To Cook From: Yes. There were a ton of recipes that I wanted to try. I have only made one recipe so far, but I know my friend Sheryl is a fan. If you need another recommendation, this cookbook was a New York Times bestseller! And you could try out some of the recipes (and listen to some podcasts) online at Thug Kitchen.

Even those of us who are not vegan could use some good, meat-free recipes in our rotation to help us be a little healthier and a little less hard on the planet. I think this cookbook is a good place to start. See you later in the week with a Thug Kitchen recipe!


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