So Good: 100 Recipes from My Kitchen to Yours

April 15, 2019

I picked up So Good: 100 Recipes from My Kitchen to Yours at the library and knew that the guy on the cover looked familiar. Then I read the first page and found out the book is written by Richard Blais, a contestant on Top ChefI haven’t watched it in years, but I used to love Top Chef; and I had a vague memory of this really arrogant Richard guy.

Anyway, I started to look through this cookbook, and I would say that my first impression of a pretty arrogant chef was correct. Blais introduces this cookbook by saying that these are the types of things he cooks for his family, and the recipes don’t include all the experimental techniques that he showcased on Top Chef or in his restaurants. But as I was looking through the recipes, I was not finding a lot that didn’t have unusual ingredients or techniques.

My son picked up the book and asked for me make the fried chicken recipe. I have never fried a chicken in my life, but I thought I would give it a try. Unfortunately, this is a pretty time-consuming recipe, and I just haven’t had a chance to try it out. I hope to do so in the near future.

There some things I like about this cookbook. The photos are great, and there are some recipes I would be interested in making if I had the time and could afford (or even find) the ingredients. If you are looking to experiment a little more in the kitchen, this might be the cookbook for you. It does seem to be in between a restaurant chef’s cookbook and a cookbook that is focusing on home cooks. I would love to know if any of you are Richard fans and have tried out any of his cookbooks or his restaurants.

Since I have not made a recipe from this cookbook yet, I will be back later in the week with a recipe from the latest issue of Southern Living! See you then.


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