Easter Menu Ideas
Holidays , Recipes / April 17, 2019

So I meant to try out a recipe from my latest issue of Southern Living, but I can’t even find the magazine! Anyway, I decided instead to just work on a menu plan for this weekend and share it with you. Appetizer: Deviled Eggs So for starters, I have to make deviled eggs. The first link is for a pretty standard recipe that I usually make. The second link is a complete deconstruction of the deviled egg. I think I would get in a lot of trouble if I don’t make the standard eggs, but the Bon Appetit recipes does seem easier. Deviled Eggs from A New Turn in the South Deviled Eggs Are a Waste of Time. There, I Said it! Main Dish: Ham I think ham is the only thing I have ever eaten at Easter, but I assume there are other things you could eat. I usually don’t do anything to fancy, because ham is pretty easy. This recipe for Glazed Easter Ham from the Pioneer Woman looks promising. But I may try to cook my ham in the slow cooker this year: Crockpot Brown Sugar Ham Side Dish: Potatoes I think I have mentioned several times…

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