This Week’s Favorite Things
Favorite Things / April 24, 2018

Just wanted to pop in with a few of may favorite things this week. Blog: There are so many blogs that I try to keep up with. I love fashion and style blogs because I get so many great ideas, and it’s just fun for me to look at clothes (even if I can’t afford to buy most of them). But so many fashion blogs are by and for women who are much younger than me. So I was very excited to find Style at a Certain Age. Blogger Beth Djalali always looks stylish and current without being trendy. And she always has photos of her dog (and sometimes her cat) on her Friday post! Book: I’ve been reading Arrowood by Laura McHugh. She’s a local writer, and this novel is set in a small town close to the town I grew up in. She does a great job describing a once great Midwestern river town that is in decline. It’s also a really good mystery and a page-turner. I can’t wait to pick up her other book, The Weight of Water, when I’m done with Arrowood. Recipe: I’ve already made two batches of these Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies this week….

This Week’s Favorite Things
Favorite Things , Uncategorized / April 19, 2018

Here are a few things I’m enjoying this week. Podcast: I am a podcast addict. I read a lot, but I don’t really do audiobooks because I have trouble concentrating on them. Podcasts are easier for me because I don’t feel like I have to pay attention every second to make sense of things. The podcast that got me hooked was Gilmore Guys. I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan, and when I heard about this podcast I had to give it a try. Kevin and Demi are two guys who decided to watch all of Gilmore Girls and then do a podcast episode for each episode of the show. Kevin had already watched most of Gilmore Girls and was a huge fan, while Demi had never seen the show. An awful lot of the podcast is just the two of them goofing off and talking to their friends about the show, but by the end of the run the podcast became so popular they are able to interview several members of the cast and crew. Ultimately, these two guys were extras on the Netflix season of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. When I saw them on TV it…

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